Staff Details

Executive Headteacher:

Mr P Burnley

Head of School:

Mrs F Marsh

Assistant Headteacher:

Mrs R Hunter

Director of Business and Finance: Mr. R. Webster

Director of Quality Assurance: Mrs. K J Wallace

School Business Manager: Mrs K Roberts

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. L. Hilton


Teaching Staff:

Mrs J George – Foundation Stage

Mr M Stott – Foundation Stage

Miss M Fernando – Year 1

Miss K Bates/Miss E Challinor  – Year 1/2

Mrs R Hunter – Year 2

Miss A Blizzard – Year 3

Miss C Dunkerley – Year 3/4

Miss J Thomson  – Year 4/5

Mrs M Gower – Year 5/6

Mrs F Marsh – Year 6


Teaching Assistants:

HLTAs: Mrs. B Preston, Mrs. P Wood

Full Time Teaching Assistants:

Mrs. J Price

Mrs. J Wharton

Part-time Teaching Assistants:

Mrs. A Gray (PT)

Mrs. C. Johnston (PT)

Mrs. L Lees (PT)

Mrs. A Maden (PT)

Mrs. K McFarlane (PT)

Miss E Staples (PT)

Sanctuary Learning Centre (incorporating the Teaching School)

Sanctuary Director: Mrs. S Nelson

Sanctuary Administrator:  Mrs. P Wood

Site Manager:

Ms A Parry