Year 6

  • 13 Mar 2017

    Wonderful World Book Day

    We enjoyed a fantastic World Book Day,  with stories, costumes and fun galore. Check out some of our outfits below…

  • 02 Mar 2017

  • 22 Feb 2017

    Musical Maestros!

    To link in with our Treasure Island topic, we have been writing our own sea shanties in music lessons. This week we completed the sheet music to go with our shanties and now we are ready to perform them. We have chosen a range of instruments for our performances and we can’t wait to see […]

  • 28 Jan 2017

    Get your thinking caps on…

    This week we have been fully immersed in a fantastic problem solving project! On Monday, we were set a task by Mr Burnley and Mr Webster: to explore new and innovative ways of improving our school and grounds. We thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and set about researching ideas. Over the week, we have utilised many […]

  • 21 Jan 2017


    This term we will be making pirate ships in our DT sessions. Throughout the topic, we will be working our way around the TASC wheel; we have spent the last few weeks immersed in the research phase. Using a range of resources, we have found out as much as possible about the purpose and design of […]

  • 12 Jan 2017

    Strictly Superb!

    After a few weeks off over Christmas, we enjoyed re-starting our Strictly rehearsals today. It took us a while to get warmed up but fortunately we hadn’t forgotten too many of the steps! We look forward to wowing our audience with ‘Strictly Comes to St Chad’s’ on 23rd March, but which couple will win the […]

  • 06 Jan 2017

    Show a leg me hearty!

    We have enjoyed a fantastic start to 2017 and are already engrossed in our new topic: Pirates! Over the term we will be studying Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island; we will be comparing different versions and interpretations of the story, and then will be writing our own play scripts to act out and video. This […]

  • 04 Dec 2016

    Victorian Bake Off

    We loved our homework task over the past 2 weeks: creating a Victorian style menu. Some of us decided to go the whole hog and actually made some Victorian delicacies. Over the last few days we have sampled some real delights – from vegetable porridge to caraway seed cake – and our eyes (and taste buds) have been […]

  • 04 Dec 2016

    Karate Taster

    We enjoyed a fantastic Karate taster session where we learnt the basic principles of the martial art. We were completely in awe for the full 30 minutes and many of us left the session keen to try more Karate in the future. Our instructors shared with us a few basic moves and we all impressed with […]

  • 02 Dec 2016

    TASC Day

    Using the TASC wheel, we have spent the day producing a piece of artwork which reflects our learning at Quarry Bank Mill. We started the day by sharing everything we had learnt on our trip; after that, we thought about all the different ways we could present our learning: models, painting, sketching, music etc Everyone […]

  • 02 Dec 2016

    Life as a mill apprentice

    We enjoyed a fantastic trip to Quarry Bank Mill in Styal. We spent the day learning about working conditions at the mill and also what life was like for children who arrived to work as apprentices. Life in the apprentice house was hard, children slept 2 to a bed (on straw) and worked for 10 […]

  • 02 Dec 2016


    Welcome to the Year 6 blog. We have enjoyed a fantastic first term packed with trips, fun activities and lots of learning. Check our blog regularly for updates on what we are up to!

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