Building walls and Little Lumpty’s Big Mistake

The children have really enjoyed sharing and exploring the story of Little Lumpty by Miko Imai.First we were actively involved discussing what we already know about bricks.


Then, we played and explored with building walls and buildings . We set ourselves challenges and persevered, especially when problems arose.






We have been thinking creatively and critically about how we can solve Little Lumpty’s problem of being stuck on top of the high wall. Next week we are going to try out our creative ideas of rescue, to see if they will work.


Problems and puzzles to solve, have needed us to work collaboratively. Listening to each other’s ideas and decisions have extended our existing knowledge and understanding.

P1120254 P1120285




The high winds and the interruption of snow, have prevented us from observing any birds this week. Next week we are planning to put out the feeders and make our own bird cakes. We have been practising identifying species of birds by studying the identification chart.

We already know quite a lot about birds!


We have enjoyed reading the story ‘Peck  Peck  Peck’, by Lucy Cousins. Thank you Florence for sharing this story with us.

If you have any stories or information texts about birds feel free to bring them into class to show. You may wish to create some artwork displaying your favourite birds. Keep your eyes peeled, as many birds can be seen, on your way to school in the mornings.

We have begun learning Spanish and have been bringing in items for the colour table. This week is ROJO (red). We have met Pedro the Spanish parrot and have enjoyed greeting him: ‘Hola Pedro’.