Getting ready for birdwatching

We have been busy preparing for the Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2017.We are already becoming confident and skilled with identifying many species of garden birds.The birds who visit our school grounds are going to get a tasty treat! We have prepared and made a selection of delicious bird cakes, which we have hung up, with other bird feeders near the bushes, the hedgerows and from the branches of the trees. Hopefully we are going to see some birds now.



P1120485 P1120470 P1120493 P1120514 P1120523 P1120498 P1120501


At Forest School we have been building a bird hide, so we can get a closer view of the birds. We worked collaboratively and we were involved and concentrating throughout our time outside.

P1120572 P1120582 P1120584

Back inside the classroom we have been building walls and using a hammer and nails to create and construct.

P1120435 P1120457 P1120475 P1120546 P1120547 P1120559 P1120560 P1120611

Some of us have been trying to design and make rescue plans for Little Lumpty, to help him get down from the wall.

P1120612 P1120613 P1120617

This week we have really enjoyed using the apparatus during our P.E. lesson. We had to climb, balance and travel in lots of different ways.

P1120374 P1120395 P1120400 P1120408 P1120410 P1120412 P1120415 P1120416 P1120426 P1120430