Multiples and Maps!

What a busy day we have had today! We counted in multiples of ten using a variety of methods (abstract, pictorial and concrete). First we explored patterns on the number square. Here are some of the fabulous ideas from the Year One children.

“Multiples of 10 go down the column.” – Evelyn
“We are adding 10 every time we go down the column.” – Lorimer
“Multiples of 10 have zero at the end.” – Brandon
“Numbers are going down in order of 1-9.” – Enzo


We then used cubes (1 cube = 10) to help us count in multiples of ten and to make us identify patterns.

We then challenged ourselves further to identify and represent numbers using pictorial representations. This involved the use of our partitioning skills.

Phew! Finally, after all our hard work we put our critical thinking hats on to identify different types of maps and their purpose, ready for our local walk next week.


Well done Year One, what wonderful ideas!