Pedro the Spanish Parrot is in distress

At Forest School this week, we discovered Pedro the Spanish parrot, hanging upside down from a branch. He was not very happy. During the night there had been a storm and the wind had destroyed Pedro’s nest. The ground was littered with sticks and twigs. Pedro asked for our help to build him a new nest. We were glad to help, so we set about creating our nests working in groups. We listened and responded to each others’ ideas and negotiated a plan of action. We needed to concentrate and not give up especially when our first attempts were not successful. We kept on trying and persevered until we reached a satisfactory design. We then asked Pedro to choose which nest he preferred.

Pedro liked this nest because he was lifted off the ground.

Pedro like this nest because it had a rocking facility which helped him fall asleep.

Pedro could lie down flat in this nest and had a nice soft grass bed.

However, this nest was his favourite, because he had his very own chair with a foot rest, which could recline when he needed to sleep.

Now Pedro is really happy!

The RSPB Big School’s Birdwatch  is keeping us busy and we have observed many different species of bird in the school grounds. Many of us are taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend.