Awe and Wonder

The RSPB birdwatching activities have drawn our attention to the awe and wonder of nature.We have become very skilled with the identification of a variety of species of garden birds. Many of us have continued to observe birds in our gardens, on our way to school and during our family walks in the great outdoors. Some of us have engaged with nest building and recording our findings at home. We have enjoyed sharing each other’s drawings and written records.

Amelia has created these detailed drawings of the birds she has seen in the park.

Amelia created a comfy warm nest for her blackbird.

Daragh has shared his results of his Big Garden Birdwatch.

Jacob has observed a game bird in his grandad’s garden.

We had some mystery objects which have evoked our curiosity and our questioning skills. Daragh brought in a found egg shell and a tiny wasp’s nest from his garden.

Amelia brought in an old nest which was found in the garage. We put Daragh’s egg shell inside, which led to an interesting mathematical discussion, problem solving the size of bird, which must have used the nest.

Please continue to bring in your interesting objects from home which engage and challenge us!