Miss Fernando’s Mysterious Box!

While I was tidying up my parent’s beautiful, new house I came across a peculiar box and I decided to bring it in to explore with the children.

Inside the box there was a medical kit and also outfits which belonged to a nurse and a soldier. We used our learning characteristics, exploration and critical thinking and made links between the outfits (“This nurse could have looked after the soldier” etc.). We thought that normally soldiers fought in wars so discussed the possibility that this was all linked to a war. We took a closer look at the soldier’s uniform and searched for similar uniforms, this led to the discovery this was a Victorian-era soldiers uniform.

Following on from this we researched the wars which took place during the Victorian times and discovered that the major European conflict in that time was the Crimean war in which there were several pioneering nurses. So we explored further and found out about Florence Nightingale (and her group of nurses) and Mary Seacole, reaching the conclusion that this box may have belonged to one of these nurses.

We kept the clothes and box together so that we can explore this further in our role play area and the whole of Class 1 are on the look-out for more facts and information to help us discover more about the owners of the box. We can’t wait to learn more about the Crimean war and the group the nurses.