World Book Day!

Year 1 in their amazing world book day costumes!

On Tuesday the children worked together, demonstrating their fantastic team work skills in order to create this wonderful world book day themed design for our classroom door.

We used our wonderful costumes as inspiration to create a mind map about our chosen characters for the day. All of Year 1 thought of some wonderful adjectives to help them plan ahead for a piece of description writing. Olivia thought of some really creative words to describe her character of Cinderella whilst Enzo thought of many exciting adjectives to describe James Bond.

After all the children had created their mind maps they used these to write a description of their character explaining the reasons why they chose it. Here you can see some examples of the beautiful writing by Olivia and Enzo.

Well done to everybody in Year 1 for making today a really memorable world book day and thank you to all parents and guardians for your help in making this happen with your superb costumes.