Ready, Steady, Go! The snails are off!

On our way to forest school we came across some snails around the pond area. We carefully collected one and took it back to the classroom for further observation.

Through shared thinking time we explored ways of keeping the snail safe. We considered what it needed. We decided to design an ideal habitat for a snail.

Our snail was feeling lonely all on its own, inside the snail tank, so we decided to collect a couple of friends. We returned to the pond area and sure enough we found some more snails.

We also discovered water snails in the pond.

Amelia commented: ‘The snails in the pond are different to the land snails. They are able to breathe underwater. The land snails have a breathing hole. If you throw them into the water they will drown.’

We named the three land snails inside the snail tank. They are called: Buttercup, Turbo and Harry.

We decided to organise a snail race. Great fun!

Harry wins the race!