Harry and the Jaggery Daggers

We have enjoyed reading the story Harry and the Jaggedy Daggers. Click to see some of the activities we have been doing to help us with our grammar and writing.

We looked at the pictures of the sea and the photographs of the Jaggedy Daggers and thought of suffiexs we could add to words to change the meaning of them to describe them. We created our own sea to display them.

Next we looked at the illustrations in the book and we liked how the illustrator had created the pal tree and the sail boat using ripped up pieces of paper. We had a go at it ourselves and wrote adjectives on the leaves and boat and fantastic expanded noun phrases too!

We then looked at a page in the book where Harry got stuck in the huge waves in his tea cup boat. We thought of verbs to describe what the waves were doing. Watch out for us sharing our exciting new endings to the story with you!