Stretch Projects Launched

Today the Year Six class had their, eagerly awaited, stretch project topic revealed to them and it seems to have got them thinking. Stretch is a creative way of developing lifelong research and presentation skills that is new to St Chads this year; it involves the students taking a specific topic area and developing a project around their interests whilst learning how to effectively present in public and create lines of enquiry.

The process involves the brainstorming of ideas around the topic area before delving deeper into a specific interest point. From this they will create a big question that they will aim to answer to satisfy their curiosity and in doing so develop a stretch presentation, a stretch board and an artefact.

The big question forms the basis of their research and the students will break their ‘big question’ down into three smaller questions giving three areas to discuss during their presentations.

Their stretch boards are then designed with lots of pictures and pieces of information that they have discovered during their research and can be used alongside or as the main basis for their presentation.

The artefact is some form of creation/model that the student makes to either demonstrate a piece of information or carry out an experiment to prove or disprove information. For this they will possibly need to start collecting resources at home. These can be simple things such as recycling (plastic bottles, cardboard etc.).

The children will be given thirty minutes on a Wednesday typically to work on their stretch projects and later dates, to be announced, will allow parents to come into school and view all of the stretch boards and artefacts and ask questions to the students about their projects.

Finally, to satisfy curiosity,  the topic for this term is ‘physical’. This can include a variety of other areas including the human body, physical geography and the animal kingdom to name a few. Please where possible discuss and enthuse with your children as their research develops as this will only develop positive enquiring minds for future success. Look out for future updates and photographs as the projects start to take shape.