School Healthy Snack Swaps

The year six sports leaders have been working hard on ways to further improve the schools vision for a healthy and active community. In doing so, they have decided that healthy snack swaps are something they would like to champion and give advice on. This means that on a weekly basis they will offer a healthy snack swap for break time snacks. To do this they have been surveying the types of snacks that other children bring into school. This has allowed them to develop some good ideas for nutritious alternatives to high sugar snacks. They also got the opportunity to meet with school governor and retired dentist, Mrs. Davies. During the meeting the children were educated on the benefits of eating healthy snacks for energy and for healthy teeth and gums.

Since the meeting the student leaders have been working hard to develop ‘swaps’ and launch the healthy snacks campaign, “We think added to the school fruit baskets (in every room) the snack swaps are a good way of keeping healthy!” The first snack swap is ready to go for the week beginning 15th January. Parents are being asked were possible to embrace the snack swap and try it on a least one of the days to start with.

Snack swap 12th March: Instead of having a cereal bar (which are high in certain types of sugars) try having some carrot sticks and apple

Instead of this…

…try these