Giant Footprints!

On the way to Forest School this morning we discovered some huge footprints in the mud. We immediately tried to work out who had left them.We had lots of ideas! Some of us thought it might be Jack Frost or the BFG. Some of us thought maybe it could have been a bear or the big bad wolf, but then when we looked closely we noticed the foot prints were the wrong shape. One child noticed that there were toe prints which suggested these were the footprints of a person without anything on their feet and not the paws of an animal. The footprints were longer than Mr. Stott’s feet and Mrs. Wharton’s. We tried to think of anyone else in school who is tall with large feet, but then we came to the conclusion that the footprints must have been made by a giant!

As we got onto the school field some of us were on to a ‘scent’ of a giant. We could smell bacon! As we got nearer the forest some of us found more footprints and then we found a huge set of keys!

We think the giant came into the forest to try and unlock the fairy doors, but then discovered his keys were too big. Then, he might have put his keys into the pocket of his coat that has a hole in it and the keys dropped out of the pocket, onto the forest floor.

So, after thinking about all of this, we then decided to make a track of arrows, pointing to where we were going to leave the keys, for the giant to come back and collect.

We are going to remain involved and concentrating and keep alert looking for anymore clues of giants.

If you find any clues please let us know.