Blue Planet 2!

Some more photos of our trip!

When we arrived we were really eager to explore.


First, we had a a very enjoyable and informative classroom session.

We looked carefully at the jaws and teeth of a Tiger Shark and the much bigger Great White Shark.

We couldn’t touch the teeth because they are extremely sharp!


Then, we got to look at a live Starfish!

We gently stroked one of its five arms.  It was very bumpy and rough.

Did you know that if a Starfish is threatened it will make one of its arms pop off to protect itself?


After that, we went to the theatre where we saw lots of different fish, sharks and rays.  There were also two divers who fed the animals.


After lunch, we  explored the rest of the aquarium.

What an amazing range of creatures we saw!

Can you name any of them?



Finally, we played in the Pirate Playground before getting back on the coach to head back to school.

Yo ho, me hearties!



Thank you Year 1/2 for being totally amazing (as always!)