Robinwood Residential 2018

Hello and welcome to the 2018 Robinwood residential blog page!

We will use this blog thread to upload photos and give a description of the activities that have occurred during the day. This will usually happen in the evening.

Day 1 – Monday 4th June 12:21:

We have arrived and made the walk up the hill to the centre in good spirits.

Children have eaten their lunch, made their beds and are now getting ready for the water-based activities of raft building and canoeing.

Day 1 – 21:19:

After a very busy day the children are now brushing their teeth and saying their good nights before lights out.

They have all been amazing and have really impressed all of the staff with their positive attitudes and kindness towards to each other.

Stars of the day as selected by their team mates were: Lily, Jonas, Hannah, Scarlet.


Day Two – Tuesday 5th May:

Today has been focused on a range of team building activities so far, with most teams taking on various challenges such as the piranha pool, crate stack and night line. The commitment from the children has been excellent and smiles are all around!

More photos to follow this evening!

End of day two:

Children have really conquered some of their fears today across all groups – taking part in a range of nerve testing activities. These included: the crate stacking challenge; the leap of faith (trapeze); the night line – a blind obstacle course to name a few. Other teams have also indulged in more water-sports today, with a thrilling game of canoe football at one point, to top off a beautiful afternoon.


Just getting ready for final morning at the centre. Children are working hard already stripping their beds and checking cases. Everybody very excited for the big zip wire finish! Laptops being packed away now until back to school so no more photos until later tonight! Should be back at school for 15.00 if everything runs smoothly.

End of day three:

I am sure you have got some very tired but hopefully fulfilled children at home who are telling you all about the amazing activities they have tried and conquered. The staff all felt incredibly proud of the children throughout the three days for their commitment and bravery. Well done to all the Robinwood staff also who developed genuine relationships with the children and staff, making us all feel at home and cared for.

Stars of the day for day two (as selected by their fellow group members) were: Joseph, Jonas, Brianna, Corey and Luis.

More pictures will be available shortly once the blog allows us to upload again.