World Cup Week 1

On Monday the tension was building as we tried to work out our World Cup country!

We looked at clues on the thinking floor mat, which included some Euros, a picture of an Iris (the national flower) and a cockerel (the national symbol).  All became clear when the croissant arrived on the mat – we would be learning about France!

We then looked at where France was in the world and in the continent of Europe.

We learned about French artist, Henri Matisse, and made our own artist’s palette with the colours labelled in French.

We looked at his famous work, The Snail and recreated it on the carpet using 2D shapes.

And we made our own versions, carefully placing cut and torn coloured card before sticking them down to create our finished piece.

We learned lots of French words and phrases, which we practised using the games on Linguascope.

To be continued …