Local author visits school

On the 28th September, Class 5/6F were lucky enough to have an author visit from a local fiction published author – who happens to also be a parent.

Mr Michael Thame came into class to read from his World War Two themed evacuee novel, helping the children understand more about what life was like for the evacuees at that time. Although the books are fiction, they are based on the lives of Mr Thame’s grandparents experiences during the evacuation of  major cities during World War Two. The opening of the story captures the experience of the children as they move from inner city Liverpool to rural Shropshire.

Class 5/6F definitely enjoyed the experience and were captivated by the readings with lots of questions asked about life for the children. The children enjoyed it so much that they have asked for me to continue to read the book to them as a class read alongside our other books.

Below are some photos from the event: