Tracks in the snow!

The unexpected snow has revealed who has been walking around our school grounds during the night and early morning, before we set off for Forest School. We have been following the tracks to see where they go.

Some of us found tracks of a rabbit and some of the tracks which were similar but larger,  were probably made by a hare. We have been curious and captivated by our findings.

When we paid attention to detail we also spotted bird foot prints. Consulting our animal track charts we thought possibly one of the tracks was that of a pheasant.

Of course, we couldn’t resist making a mark ourselves in the snow, as ‘snow angels’.

We also had fun designing and building.

On our way back to the classroom, when the sun was shining we discovered a strange phenomenon. Steam was rising from the bench and the wooden posts. What could it mean?

Scarlett: ‘The sun is melting the ice and then it turns into gas and floats away.’

Alice: ‘Gases are coming from the bench and posts.’

Max: ‘The ice is turning into water.’

Sophia: ‘The hot air and cold air is bashing together to make smoke.’