BBC Bitesize Heads to St Chad’s

One of the oldest media and broadcasting companies has been gaining the valuable experience of St Chad’s pupils this last month. This was done to test and develop their new series of free learning and revision games for other students around the country.

The Bitesize section of the BBC’s website is currently being updated to engage the current generation of media able youngsters and the BBC thought it would be a good idea to get the opinion of our wonderful children. This involved the children sitting down with researchers and completing a series of activities on the website which they then reviewed – giving suggestions for improvement along the way.

The children from year five and year six thoroughly enjoyed the process which was carried out over a series of weeks in quick ten minute sessions. The Feedback from the researchers was also unanimous in the praise for the children who took part and their ability to communicate effectively and appropriately – giving excellent feedback.

Well done to all those who took part for giving good feedback and representing the school so well!