Aims & Prospectus

St Chad’s Church of England Primary School – Changing the Paradigm

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Academy Principles:

Collective Moral Purpose

Leading a life of selfless service for the good of humanity and the planet.
Finding a sense of purpose and personal meaning for your existence.

High Social Capital

Making a positive difference by collaborating with others.


Commitment to developing an effective learning community that continually increases knowledge and understanding of both itself, and the world.

Academy Mission: 

St. Chad’s – a successful, inspirational learning community taking the courage to: innovate; ignite curiosity; learn creatively; love unconditionally; and serve others.

Academy Vision:

To develop:


School Prospectus

The School Prospectus provides a comprehensive overview of St. Chad’s.  It is divided into two sections: Section 1 presents the philosophical position of the school, whilst Section 2 deals with more practical information including an overview of the school’s perspective on encouraging positive social interaction.

To view the current prospectus please click School Prospectus 2019-20