Values & Ethos

St. Chad’s – a successful, inspirational learning community taking the courage to: innovate; ignite curiosity; learn creatively; love unconditionally; and serve others.







Our learning community is founded on love and service striving for excellence by being proactive in: embracing a unique vision for the future; placing high expectations on all community members; and nurturing independent, respectful, autonomous community members who enjoy positive self-esteem and confidence.

We believe that when we give everyone gains and grows; that we can never give too much as we always get more in return.

Involvement in extensive school improvement for over 8 years (Ofsted Outstanding School with its own learning centre, National Support School and Cohort 1 Teaching School) has exposed the school team to an extensive range of experiences increasing our capacity to deliver across the Teaching School ‘Big 6.’

Our desire to serve others within the improvement agenda.  We aim to increase capacity by forming permanent collaborations with other ‘like-minded’ schools, working together to sustain growth and development.