Rhodes Avenue, Uppermill, Oldham OL3 6EE

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St Chad’s Church of England Primary School

Vision, Mission, Values and Drivers

St Chad’s Church of England Primary School – Compassion, Service and Excellence


School Vision

We aim to develop well-rounded members of society who can flourish academically and who give service willingly; and therefore have a positive impact both socially and morally on the wider world.

School Mission statement


We develop resilient and resourceful children who become responsible and respectful of themselves and their learning environment through compassion, service and excellence.

School Values

Respect: We show respect to the whole community and the wider world

Resilience: We try harder when things get difficult

Responsibility: We are in control of our own actions - for ourselves and towards the world around us

Resourcefulness: We have the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties

School Drivers

Excellence: Striving for 100% in everything we do, demonstrated through hard work, grit and determination

Compassion: Like the Good Samaritan, we understand the misfortune of others and show care in our actions

Service: As in Psalm 23, we guide and give to each other willingly for the improvement of community



The School Prospectus provides a comprehensive overview of St. Chad’s.  It is divided into two sections: Section 1 presents the philosophical position of the school, whilst Section 2 deals with more practical information including an overview of the school’s perspective on encouraging positive social interaction. To view the current prospectus please click St Chads School Prospectus 2023